What to Expect

What Does an Initial Visit Involve?

Your first massage therapy visit is generally 60 minutes long. After filling out some general information forms, your massage therapist will ask you some questions regarding your specific problem and about your general health.

The massage therapist will then perform a physical examination. This will include range of motion testing, several orthopaedic tests and palpation of the specific area of complaint. The massage therapist will focus her exam on the muscles of the area.

The massage therapist will then discuss her impression of the problem and also discuss a proposed treatment plan. Following the history, physical examination and discussion, the initial visit with the massage therapist generally involves a massage treatment. You will be asked to disrobe to the point you are comfortable and are draped with sheets. The massage therapist may use heat help the muscles relax or ice to help decrease pain.

If at any time you have questions or are uncomfortable during the initial or any subsequent visits, please do not hesitate to talk to the massage therapist.

What Does a Subsequent Visit Involve?

A subsequent treatment with the massage therapist is generally 30 to 60 minutes, depending on the nature of the injury and the number of body parts affected. You will be asked to disrobe to the point you are comfortable and then draped with sheets. The massage therapist will determine if there have been any changes to your condition and then begin the treatment. She may use heat or ice therapy to help with pain control and muscle relaxation. The massage therapist will also offer stretches and postural advice to help promote further muscle relaxation and prevent future problems. If at any time you are uncomfortable or have questions, please talk to your massage therapist.

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