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Run Yourself to Better Health!

Co-operative support program to help integrate running as part of a healthy lifestyle

Kingswood Chiropractic Health Centre is pleased to offer a multi-dimensional package for those interested in completing 5K, 10K, Half or Full Marathons

Program starts: February 15, 2014
Goal: Scotiabank Blue Nose Marathon (any distance)

Runners Package includes:

  • Individualized sessions with each of our health practitioners:
    • Chiropractic treatments – aiming to keep joints healthy, help in recovery and avoid injury
    • Registered Massage Therapy – focussing on muscle balance, stretches and muscle healing
    • Naturopathic consultations- helping optimize diet, electrolytes, energy, muscle recovery, and more
  • Seminar series covering topics such as:
    • Muscle and joint – biomechanics, balancing, best stretches pre and post runs
    • Nutrition – pre and post run, hydration and supplements for energy, recovery and endurance
    • Common injuries – how to prevent and recover
    • Footwear and Gait
    • Yoga for Runners, including visualization of success and breathing techniques

Registration Cost: $100

  • Our team of practitioners* (and runners):
    • Chiropractor: Dr. Krista Borrowman
    • Registered Massage Therapist: Krista McDougall, Andrea McCulloch, Simone Prinsenberg
    • Naturopathic Doctor: Dr. Erin Balodis

*Practitioners costs covered by most extended health insurance plans; each service will be billed individually

For more information and to enroll: